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My Webseries, E4’s Virtually Famous and Edinburgh


The month of August was hell. I performed two shows a day everyday and on my day off did the Lowlands Festival near Amsterdam. Luckily, my solo show Off Meds was generally sold out as was Late Night Dark Show which I did with hilarious Canadian comic Rob Mailloux. I held a bucket at the end of every show like a beggar and luckily made enough to keep this website operational.

During August an episode of Virtually Famous I was on aired which led to my first fanmail from a 15 year old girl. I didn’t reply as I think Project Yewtree is laying the groundwork to arrest me in 30 years. You can watch that here:

Lastly and most importantly I did my first episode of The Bobby Mair Show for Comedy Central. It’s hopefully going to be a webseries where every week I fuck with the public and meet some like-minded strangers. Watch the first episode here:

That’s it for now. I’m off to write new material so I can appease some angry youtubers.



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For the release of my debut album Obviously Adopted I got my website redone. I hired the guy over elance so odds are it was done by a 13 year old Indonesian kid working at gun point. But hey, he did a great job. Let me know what you think.

Also, as you can see above I’ve released my debut album Obviously Adopted. It’s 8 years of material crammed into an hour. I recorded it in Edinburgh with the help of my former roomate and fellow comic Gary Tro. He’s super funny and lucky for me is a former sound engineer. To hire anyone else to do what he did I would have had to go back to medical studies, so thanks Gary.

The album is Pay What You Can with a minimum of 50p. Give me whatever you think it’s worth. I just didn’t want any of my broke fans to miss out.

Robby Magic

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“Obviously Adopted” At the Edinburgh Festival

I’m doing my first hour show at the Edinburgh festival this August and hope that lots of people come to watch the debauchery. I think the show is close to ready and by August will be. It’s an hour of the best jokes I’ve written in 8 years. Spread this around.


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Russell Howard’s Good News

To anyone who hasn’t seen me (99.99% of humanity)on Russell Howard’s Good News, you can now. It was a fucked up day. I frantically bought the clothes I’m wearing at charity shops in Streatham Hill 20 minutes before heading to the gig and on the way there saw someone get hit by a car and die. I never said I was uplifting.  Here it is.

My U.K. Stand Up Debut

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8 out of 10 Cats Appearance

Hello lurkers,

I recently appeared on 8 Out Of 10 Cats. I’ve added the link to the bottom of my Videos section. Check it out.

Working beside Sean Locke was pretty intimidating. The guy just belts out jokes like a machine and I was left looking 12 years old and trying to get a word in. Eventually I did and I was happy with what I did nearer the end of the episode.


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